We Clean What You Won’t!

Carpet Cleaning

Here at C&D Cleaning Service we pride ourselves on quality work and customer satisfaction. This is first and foremost in our Carpet Cleaning.

We cover all of Long Island (Nassau County, Suffolk County, North and South Fork) as well as parts of Queens. Hiring C&D Cleaning Service for your carpet cleaning needs guarantees that you will get the best. Procedures depend on type of fabric, soil amount, and stain/spot appearance. We will come and explain step by step our procedure FOR YOUR SPECIFIC carpet.

No matter what your carpet is or how it looks now, C&D Cleaning Service will make it look great. We are Long Island’s premier Carpet Cleaning Service. Being located in Suffolk County provides us the opportunity to service anywhere on Long Island at a time that is convenient for our customers. Contact us today and have us come do a free estimate for a Carpet Cleaning Service.

Stain Removal

There are many types of stains. Each type has its own procedure and steps that need to be taken. The important thing is that the customer calls C&D Cleaning Service as soon as possible. We can trouble shoot the stain over the phone. This will give us an idea of what we need to do to get the stain out as soon as possible. Our Spot and Stain Removal is second to none. Just like our Carpet Cleaning we cover all of Long Island (Nassau County, Suffolk County, North Fork and South Fork) as well as parts of Queens.

We provide an Emergency Stain Removal Service as well as our regular hour service. Remember to call as soon as possible for best results.

Pet Odor Removal

We all love our pets. Our adorable furballs also have accidents that if not treated properly can cause more damage and make life (or our sense of smell) unbearable. We understand these embarrasing odors and know how to deal with them. C&D Cleaning Service is an expert in Pet Odor Removal. We have the chemicals that are not only effective but pet friendly. We obviously don’t want our treatment of the problem area to be detrimental to our pets. C&D Cleaning Service makes sure that everything we use is safe and effective. Just like our Spot and Stain Removal a pet accident is best handled as soon as possible. The sooner we can treat the area the better the results.

Commercial Cleaning

C&D Cleaning Service has many plans for the local corporations and businesses. C&D Cleaning Service can handle any carpet cleaning account whether it be big or small. The most accurate way to determine the commercial plan that is suitable for your business is with an on-site evaluation and estimate. Contact C&D Cleaning Service for a representative to visit your site.

Scotchgard Professional

C&D Cleaning Service is an authorized professional applicator of SCOTCHGARD. What this means is we not only understand how to apply SCOTCHGARD to your carpet and upholstery but that C&D Cleaning Service will not overcharge for the application nor will C&D Cleaning Service overdilute or replace SCOTCHGARD with an inferior product. C&D Cleaning Service understands that there are businesses out there that will cut corners to enhance their profit margins. That is not us. C&D Cleaning Services focus is on our customer’s satisfaction. Providing a sub-par service or using inferior products defeats that focus. That is why we have our C&D Cleaning Service Guarantee.


We Can Help You Clean it, Sanitize it, Deodorize it, and Remove it. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Our Awesome Work!

Upholstery Cleaning

C&D Cleaning Service Upholstery Cleaning will make your furniture look brand new. C&D Cleaning Service will get the spots out of that favorite sofa, loveseat, or couch. You will enjoy walking into the room and seeing the difference our process makes in bringing your furniture’s vitality back. With C&D Cleaning Services free over the phone estimates it has never been easier to schedule an appointment and get your furniture clean.

C&D Cleaning Services Upholstery Cleaning process is explained below. Any cleaning service that will not explain their process isn’t worth the time or your money.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process


    C&D Cleaning Service will inspect the upholstery for spots and stains. We will explain to you the expected results.


    The fabric will be identified to determine the best chemical solution for the cleaning.


    The piece of furniture will be pre-sprayed with an enzyme pre-spray which aids in the breakdown of soil, grease, and grime.


    Problem areas are treated with the proper procedure to facilitate the removal of all soil, grease, and grime.


    A special brush is used to agitate the material to help loosen soil. This makes for a more thorough clean.


    Using the hot water extraction method we rinse the soil and dirt out of the material with hot water and a cleaning solution. Then the solution is extracted. This leaves the material clean and smelling fresh.


    Remember those problem areas? Well, we do! We make sure those areas are reacting to our treatment and not being stubborn. Stubborn areas get done again at this point.


    After everything is cleaned, rinsed, and post treatment is completed we then groom the material to seperate and aid in the evaporation of any moisture.


    C&D Cleaning Service will aid the drying process with specialized fans.


    C&D Cleaning Service stands by our service. One reason for this is our commitment to inspecting our services and correcting anything that isn't the way it should be.